Consultations with Brief Analysis


Is a training course not exactly what you are looking for?
Are you not quite ready for a comprehensive consultation?


Yet you still want a professional brief analysis of your website, or you simply want answers to your questions about Internet marketing?


• Individual consultation with an expert
• You decide what questions you want answered and you choose the duration of the consultation (30 minutes or longer)
• To make an appointment by phone, call +43 5223 41387


Consultations may be held in Innsbruck, Villach or at your place of business.
€42.00 per half hour, no travel costs


(applies to our seminar rooms in Innsbruck and Villach; additional fees for travel costs apply if appointments are held at your place of business)



E-Commerce Check - Homepage Analysis - Design


Homepage, tourism portal on the Internet, email advertising,
newsletters, Google advertising


An expert from will analyse your Internet website.


• Does it give the correct optical impression?
• How is the menu structure set up?
• Is the text well organised and inviting?
• Is your website optimised for search machines?
• Is it easy for you to maintain the website pages yourself?
• Is the website available in foreign languages and can you maintain them yourself?
• And other relevant questions


The analysis may be used to optimise your existing Internet website.
We will also gladly design and program a new, contemporary website for you.


Individual Consulting


For your success!


Our trainers have many years of practical experience and impart proven expert knowledge. We are happy to offer you individual consulting services based on our expertise. As a result, we are able to work together with you to create recipes for success and also accompany you as you implement them.


We provide consulting services in the following areas:


• Corporate strategy and strategic marketing
• Branding
• Development and process organisation in your operations
• Project organisation and project management tools
• Selection of staff and staff development
• Internet marketing
• Homepage and newsletters
• Analysis of e-marketing activities


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