Refresher Courses for EN, IT and FR

Three excellent seminars for refreshing and perfecting your language skills.


- Modern English for Tourism

- Italiano moderno

- Le français moderne



Telephone conversations with the guest
• Conversations at the reception desk
• Giving directions and providing information, etc.
Tourism-specific vocabulary
• In addition, you will learn idiomatic phrases to help you feel more confident

» Current sessions

Seminar duration:

9 a.m. – 4 p.m. with lunch break



€200.00 + VAT per language seminar
€40.00 bonus reduction if you book 2 or more language seminars at the same time!
Instructors for these seminars are Ms Mag. Franziska Oberhuber, Ms Mag. Elisabetta Rossi-Dallapozza and Ms Mag. Christine Fritz


They are tailored to your requirements, staff and objectives.
(Language training for reception staff, service staff or for employees of tourist associations)


The language seminars are designed to accommodate participants with a wide range of background knowledge. They take place in a pleasant atmosphere of small groups with no more than 8 participants. This makes it possible for instructors to work with participants one on one.


Sound knowledge of the desired language




Beginner EN, IT, FR and RU

Learn the most important foreign languages quickly ― now offering Russian.


- English

- French

- Italian

- Russian


• Basic knowledge and idiomatic phrases specific to the tourism industry
• Active use of the language during the seminar right from the start
• Greeting guests and providing information
• Answering typical guest questions
• Giving directions
• Idiomatic phrases and useful vocabulary (local tourist infrastructure, fitness and sport opportunities, excursion destinations)
• Simple telephone conversations with the guest (enquiries and bookings)


» Current sessions

3 units at 4 hours each; evenings also available upon request


A maximum of 10 participants for company seminars

Feedback has been excellent.

No basic knowledge necessary; consultation at the time of booking
Little knowledge or loss of knowledge due to lack of use


Tailor-Made Seminars

Also available for tourist associations and hotels


They are tailored to your requirements, staff and objectives:


• Language training for reception staff or service staff
• Language training for employees of tourist associations


We are happy to hold these or similar seminars also at your business location.


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