Telephone training

Perfect on the phone ― your direct line to the customer


The telephone is still the most important channel for making initial contact with guests.

We can all talk on the phone. But it is much harder to successfully communicate excitement about the guest's upcoming holiday and promote sales professionally and with competence. We will train your employees to successfully converse with your guests on the telephone.


Perfect on the phone ― using charm and competence to make a booking:


  • Setting the right mood/preparing for a conversation
  • How do I properly answer the telephone? What greeting do I use? When and how do I introduce myself?
  • How do I skilfully initiate a conversation with the guest?
  • Setting up a sales conversation or consultation
  • Using charm and competence to book a guest
  • Viewing doubts as opportunities
  • Finding success in questions


» Current sessions

Seminar duration:

9 a.m. – 4 p.m. with lunch break



€200.00 + VAT
or €160.00 + VAT with the bonus program as your second seminar



Instructor for this seminar is Frau Mag. Mirjam Leitner.


We will also individually organise this seminar for tourist associations and hotels
(tailored to your requirements, staff and objectives).



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